2016 MODERN_WEDDING Cozy atmosphere was present at the event Modern Wedding in 2016
morning bride
2016 morning bride How to start a morning bride?
2016 hen-party Bachelorette party is a special holiday
winter wedding
2016 winter wedding Winter - a fantastic time when we all live in anticipation of the miracle and magic. To love and happiness is no bad weather, and time frames, and frost is not cold when living in the heart of love ...
in the style of Winnie the Pooh
2015 in the style of Winnie the Pooh First Birthday is a touching and unique. And we would like to bring this touch of originality to the festival.
Wedding in style shebi chic
2015 Wedding in style shebi chic The atmosphere in the style of the wedding shebi-style is always filled with the spirit of a country house of comfort, where we return to the warm romantic memories of childhood and youth.
style Ombre
2015 style Ombre The wedding ceremony in the style of "Ombre" was held in the open air and created a very romantic and touching atmosphere. The original decision was the podium for the passage of the newlyweds to the arch. Everything was great.
autumn wedding
2015 autumn wedding Autumn time - this is the season of colorful weddings! Bright palette of autumn colors and exit ceremony gave us the opportunity to do a fabulous photo shoot!
eucalyptus wedding
2015 eucalyptus wedding Lace-noble, refined material, frank and at the same time chaste. In the same style of nobility and elegance was conceived wedding bride Anna.